Monday, March 20, 2006

Stop The Abuse!!

After reading other blogs I can honestly say my only thought is- If you've gotten to the point that you feel you need to hit your child in order to get them to behave, then you have passed the point where you needed to seek therapy. The problem is not your children but you.

With that I will leave you a list of fellow bloggers who have expressed their thoughts and feelings on the subject of Boycotting Homeschoolblogger, The Old Schoolhouse, The Pearls, and corporal punishment for children in general. Alot of good reads and things to think about...

Doc's Sunrise Rants
Evil Missy- Boycott Homeschool Blogger and TOS Magazine!
A Small Corner Of Nowhere- BOYCOTT CALL
Dante's Virgil- Repulsive Hipocrisy--BOYCOTT THESE PEOPLE
No School, Just Learning- can you boycott evil?
Kitchen Table Learners- INNOCENT CHILD DEAD -- BOYCOTT
O'Donnell Web- Do Not Link to

If you would like to help stop the practice of child abuse as an accepted form of "discipline" please visit Stop The Rod.

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