Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Mom, Pokemon IS Educational!"

These are the words muttered to me by MonkeyBoy recently when I informed him that he needs to do something educational for awhile. You see, he received Pokemon Colosseum for Gamecube for Christmas and is completely addicted to it. On one hand, I want to let him play because the poor kid has pretty much been left out of playing the Gamecube for the last three years. On the other hand, I'm not big on kids spending a lot of time playing video games and his constant want to play Pokemon is starting to grate on my nerves.

MonkeyBoy knows exactly what the attacks are for each Pokemon. He can actually read words for the attacks like "metal claw" and "mud shot" so he feels that playing Pokemon IS educational. After all, Jumpstart World and Pajama Sam are games and Mommy says THEY are educational. I think the rotten child has me there.

So I've been trying to figure out how to let him play the game he loves so much (when he earns game time) and not obsess over it when I'm trying to get him to learn other things. Good luck I know. *smile* I thought if I bugged him constantly while he played that he would get tired of it and not want to play. Instead the kid became a living Pokedex and started telling me everything imaginable about more Pokemon than I ever knew existed! Yeah, that one backfired on me bigtime!

Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm more than happy to listen.


  1. My boys are the same way - except it's Pokemon on their Gameboys. I don't have any suggestions - it drives me just as crazy. And, it drives me crazy that they can memorize all those facts about each Pokemon, what they evolve into, what their attacks are, etc. - but can't memorize their Latin vocab!

  2. If not addicted to it, I think games is good for brain stimulation

  3. I think you have to relate the games with the boy's real life. I like to watch and play Naruto for my self. And what I learn most from this ninja boy is his spirit and how he kept his promise to his friends.
    I found no other teacher teach this kind of thing better than this movie with all its actions and funny acts.

    Back to Pokemon, I'm sure you have to find the moral of the story (e.g. friendship) and make sure the boys have it. Of I also agree with Drunken Dragon that the boys shouldn't be so addicted and must always remind that it just a game.