Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ways He Learns- Language Arts

Many Homeschoolers use a curriculum that they buy from a company and that seems to work great for them but for us it was a total bust and waste of money. Now I homeschool basically for free and rarely ever buy anything to use in our daily lessons.

As you can see by the list on the right hand side, Hyper Heathen has been reading several different books during his daily Silent Reading time. While he's reading he's also learning the correct spelling of words, punctuation, vocabulary, and depending on the subject of the book it can also cross over into other subjects thus making it easier on both of us! Some examples would the be Alexander Graham Bell and George Washington books... they teach History as well. The Magic School Bus books teach him Science and introduce him to topics that we are able to further explore during our weekly Science time.

Language Arts covers Handwriting, Copywork, English/Grammar, Literature,... anything having to do with learning how to write, speak, and use proper Grammar. Some things I've had HH doing are:

▪Reading poetry from various authors. Currently he has been memorizing and reciting, "House By The Side Of The Road" by Sam Walter Foss.

▪Copying Poetry from various Authors

▪Writing Thank You notes for gifts

▪Making cards for the local Assisted Living Center and writing a message

▪Do Reading Comprehension worksheets that teach parts of speech etc. I usually print these up for free from the internet.

▪Reading and discussing the books he reads with me

▪Book Reports

▪Spelling and Vocabulary Lists

What we do depends on how open he is to it. Handwriting is the one subject he really really hates so its always a struggle for us. Recently I started having him write in cursive instead and things are so much better! His writing is nicer and he's not angry or frustrated anymore so yay us!

Anyway, I've been a bit of a pinning demon on Pinterest lately looking for new ways to help him with this subject and found some really great ideas. You can see them on my Language Arts board HERE. You're also welcome to visit any of my other Homeschool Boards and pin whatever might help you as well.

Hopefully I've helped you with some ideas but if you can think of anything you'd like to see involving homeschooling a child with ADHD please leave me a comment with your suggestion and I will do my best.

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