Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lapbooks: Modern Greece

This was our very first lapbook and since MB isn't proficient in writing yet he felt I should be the one to write most of the labels in it. Lucky Mommy but I did make him write a few things a s well and do most of the cutting and/or gluing.

We chose Modern Greece because every month we get a Top Secret Adventures pack from Highlights Magazine featuring a different country. Our very first country was Greece and it arrived around the same time we decided to try our hand at Lapbooking so voila! By doing Modern Greece it also means we can make another Lapbook later on Ancient Greece. lol

We started with a regular green three pronged folder and just went from there. I think the pictures are probably better at explaining than I am so check them out and I'll write more after you're finished.

Okay all done? I apologize for the blurry pics one some of them but like a total amateur I didn't use the good camera like I should have.

As you can see, MonkeyBoy learned alot about Greece. He learned about the different foods, animals, ruins, statues, islands, and even a few phrases. His favorite part of it all was of course the paper dolls followed by all the animals found in Greece. He now takes the extra time to ask me to check up on Greece in the news and make sure they are doing alright. THAT is my favorite part of this whole thing.

Obviously this isn't an amazing post about our Lapbook but I figure we're still learning and I AM reading up on how to properly share your lapbook so next time I should have all kinds of fun facts, resources, and pictures but for this time we're just keeping it casual. *smile*

My little guy had fun and doing this Lapbook has led him to want to make many many more so I consider it a huge success.

I plan on adding links in this post to the resources I used so if anything in any of the pictures interested you then please check back soon. If you notice a resources of template of yours in any of the pictures then please feel free to email me so I can give proper credit. Without those who make the awesome pics and templates, mothers like me would be completely out of luck!


  1. The Lapbook came out looking great! I'm a rookie lapbooker as well. Takes me forever to get those little folds lol but its tons of fun isn't it?

  2. The lapbook looks great! Greece is my 'dream' vacation. Maybe someday...